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Cairns Commercial Airconditioning Services

Commercial Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

For all your Cairns commercial air conditioning requirements, including installation, maintenance, and repairs, rely on our team of certified and skilled technicians.

We recommend that all our clients prioritise regular maintenance routines for their critical infrastructure to minimise downtime and unexpected disruptions. Prevention is consistently more cost-effective than addressing potentially expensive repairs. 

Refrigeration Installation & Maintenance

When it comes to your new cold room or kitchen installation projects in Cairns, Far North Queensland; Northern Air Repair is your trusted source for honest and dependable service.

Our team comprises fully qualified technicians who can not only handle your new cold room and kitchen installations but also evaluate your ongoing maintenance requirements, ensuring that your equipment operates flawlessly. 

We understand the critical importance of keeping your business operations and sales running smoothly. When your commercial cold rooms and freezers encounter issues or cease functioning, count on Northern Air Repair as your go-to technicians in Cairns, Far North Queensland, to swiftly restore them to full functionality. 

Emergency on-call services

Northern Air Repair are fast and reliable, our technicians are fully qualified and can meet you on-site as soon as possible to inspect the fault and get you back up and running again in no-time.

Our core values revolve around dependability, punctuality, professionalism, and a friendly approach. That’s why we extend a guaranteed 24/7 immediate response during emergencies, offer a lifetime workmanship warranty, provide obligation-free phone support and assistance, and deliver free quotations.